About Signs and Gestures

Through close collaboration with participants with a visual or hearing impairment, this project explores different approaches in the process of making a short film, which lead to adequate, positive, and ultimately more layered representation.

The short film was made with the support of the Challenge Investment Fund and with staff, students and alumni of the Edinburgh College of Art.

Technical Specifications

12 minutes fiction / English and BSL / Romance


Clara - Grace Whitford

Simon - Craig McCulloch

Tania - Rebecca Robin

Friend - Jack Allen


Producer                   Reece Smith

Director                     Itandehui Jansen

Cinematography      Giulia Bragiotto

Music                         Enrica Sciandrone

Sound Recording     Johanna Sutherland

Production Design   Jesús Barrero Iglesias

First AD                      Julian Vogel

Script Supervisor     Laurence Jenkins

Art Department       Laura Fedeli

1st AC                        Chester Briscall-Harvey

2nd AC                       Roberto Campione

Reece Smith


Reece Smith graduated from the Film Programme at the Edinburgh College of Art. He produced different short films which screened at BAFTA and BIFA accredited festivals. He participated in the Torino Film Lab Extended and in the Talents Programme of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Itandehui Jansen


Itandehui Jansen graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. Her films screened among others at IDFA, the Morelia International Film Festival, The Oaxaca FilmFest, Washington DC Shorts and many others. She participated in the Berlinale Talents and Torino Film Lab Extended.


Blind florist Clara relies on touch, sound and smell. She has recently been chatting with Art student Simon on a dating app. Clara and Simon look forward to meeting in person. However, as Clara hasn't told him about her limited sight an unexpected situation arises during their first date.



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Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 23.05.53

Grace Whitford

as Clara 

Grace has previously acted in the feature drama Imagine (Andrzej Jakimowski 2012) and in the television series Doctors. She is at present studying at the Guildford School of Acting.

Craig McCulloch

as Simon

Craig graduated from the Programme Performance in BSL at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland. He has appeared in a variety of stage and theatre productions. 

Rebecca Robin

as Tania

Rebecca graduated from the Performance Performance at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland. She acted among others in Outlaw King  (David Mackenzie 2018).

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